19/20.04.18 – Final Draft of Proposal complete

Today was finishing my Proposal, after talking to Fay about my Proposal she mentioned how I need to have a bigger bibliography with also being more direct in how I wrote about my project. I have since made these corrections on Thursday and Friday, and now have a great proposal which I can hand in. This will also be in time for my pitch on Thursday where i have pitch my idea to three of my classmates.

For this I am also going to prepare a treatment, so they can get a better perceptive of the size and scope of my project. Below is the final draft for my proposal.

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18.04.18 – Outline of the film, Marking back in form Proposal

Today was the first day back of college. Getting into things again with college and work, I decided to make a brief blog post of the outline of my film. Giving the main bullet point synopsis of the story so far. This is so I have a written form of what the story so far, making sure that people know the basic structure of my idea.

Today I also received some marking on my Proposal. Fay said that I need to be more straight to the point, and less wordy. I think that the main problem is that I still write like I’m writing a blog post. So I’m not writing in the most formal way possible. I am going to change what Fay has noted down for me, making sure to hand it in for the Friday deadline. After that I will start to make a treatment so I can get a better understanding of the idea, with also sending it off to my actors that I have already scouted and asked.

Outline for the short film

Opening with the main character Jasper dreaming of a far distance fantasy of a beach. He wakes up to rejoin his friends that are smoking down a nearby tree. Jasper being sick of what he is doing, reluctantly he joins in again with Luck and his mate.

Waking up the morning after, Jasper goes go out to do some photography. Trying to follow his passion, Jasper isn’t sure weather to take the leap or not. Meeting up with his friend Zane for the photos. Zane telling him that he should move on, and stop hanging out with the that crowd. This plays on Jasper’s mind as he goes back.

Lucy asks again if Jasper wants to go out. Just to hangout, Jasper being hesitant but still gives Luc the benefit of the doubt and goes out. After them having a conversation Luc goes and steals something from the shop. Jasper has had enough and calls it quits for the night. Leaving on bad terms with Luc.

Jasper knowing that Luc is going out again, decides to work instead of going out again. Rather going to Brighton whilst Luc gets high again. When Jasper is at the beach, it ends where it began with the dream.


16.04.18 – Re watching Trainspotting for inspiration

Today I watched Trainspotting as apart of my research into ideas about the script and story. After watching it I feel that I need Luc to do something to make that trigger effect for Jasper to then move on. The last straw on the camels back as it were. I thought about this when watching Trainspotting. I was inspired by the scene where, towards the end of the film, Begbie gets into another bar fight leading Renton to run off with the money and live a better life.

I want something like this for Jasper’s character arch. I feel that Luc and Jasper be going out and Luc should maybe steal something. Leading Jasper to have enough and go onto Brighton the next day. I am going to keep thinking and keep watching films, I will be starting to write the script again. Hoping to get a good draft and outline of the film by the end of this week.

Image result for trainspotting begbie

15.04.18 – Location Scouting for my first scene

Today I went to my first location, to get a feel for the environment and area. This would be for the first scene where Jasper wakes up and talks to Luc and Ethan, before having another dream. Where he also gets high with them reluctantly. I took lots of pictures I could compare and contrast when back at home. I took some pictures of different possible filming spots, and I am going to show you the best ones upon reflection.

The location is located in Tadworth, and is opposite the tadworth cricket ground. 2018-04-15

The area is quite big so I have gathered quite a few different locations that we could use for the shoot. Depending on weather conditions and how busy the field actually is, because people do like to walk their dog there. And I don’t really want people getting in the way of the shot.

These are a few general shots of the actual field and area. I am hoping to film in more sunny conditions than this for when filming comes around.

Its mainly a massive open area with surrounding woodlands.

For the first part of the scene where Jasper is laying on the ground, I have chosen two locations. Each one for the different weather conditions. The first being the best in my opinion, and I would use this one if its going to be sunny whilst filming.

This is a small open area, in the woodland section where I could have Jasper laying down in the hot conditions. He would be laying next to the tall grass that has a yellow hint colour to it. Because I feel it would be quite cool to have that wavy feel in the background, as Jasper is laying down and then slowly sits up. I feel that this would be a good location as it lets in a lot of light for the shot I want and it also located close to the other locations. As well as having some long grass for that effect I had in my mind.

For the location of when it’s bad weather I feel that this would be a good location, as I could have him lay up against a tree. I could then also use the trees for cover so if it rains it won’t be on the shot or on Jasper. However this looks less appealing to the eye so I hope I won’t have to use this one.

For the location of Luc and Jasper hanging out, I chose this small section where its closed off by trees. As I wanted the two other guys to be sitting close/on some trees. And I feel that this would be a really good place. It is also really closed off from the wind. Which means that the sound recording for the dialogue won’t be effected. Being able to hear and listen to the voices of the actors perfectly. It also isn’t a massive woodland area and is still quite exposed which is what I wanted. Being close to the blank of the green grass field.

Another possible for the Luc and Jasper location of the first scene is this tree. It’s by itself and also quite exposed. Having the just one tree in a massive open filed is more inline with what I wanted. However I now feel in person its too open, with also the audio recording being really bad with the openness. Due to the wind blowing past at a fast rate. However I feel that its good to have comparisons for locations.

In conclusion I feel that this was a good location scout for the first scene of my short film. Having lots to compare and contrast. Giving me lots of options, I will still be thinking about which one to go for as start to go fourth into more pre-production.



14.04.18 – Character backgrounds, and re watching the requiem for a dream

Character Backgrounds

Today I have done some character backgrounds on the three main characters on my short film. I hope that this would bring a bit more detail to the characters, helping me flesh them out more as people. Meaning that I can write better lines of dialogue counting with the script. I will also be able to show the actors the background descriptions so they can get a better understanding of the character. This will hopefully mean they can come out with better performances.

Re-watching Requiem for a dream

I also re watched Requiem for a dream, trying to find inspiration to flesh out the story and to also come up with dialogue/camera techniques. To make it more interesting and realistic. However I didn’t really end up having a lot of inspiration with dialogue but rather camera and editing techniques.

As I was going through the film I made a few notes, and I am going to talking about the ones I like the most. Throughout the film they used a split screen for some sequences. I really like this effect as I feel its quite new wave, and shows to different perceptive at the same time.

Image result for requiem for a dream split screen

I feel like Requiem for a dream I could use this a few different, multiple times throughout the film. My first idea is to use it when they are preparing the drugs in the first scene. Having the flame of the lighter in the on side and having whatever is being heated up on the right side. I thought I could use this again for when Jasper is leaving to go to Brighton, I could have Jasper on one side leaving for work and then on the other have Luc taking drugs again. Showing the different paths that they have chosen.

Another idea that I had from watching the film, is for Luc to rob somewhere. This being the triggering point for Jasper to break away from the group and lifestyle. This could happen in the last scene between Luc and Jasper. Having Jasper then go onto the final scene.

I also really want to include the line “Anybody wanna waste some time?” As I feel that’s a really cool reference to the film. As one of the characters says that line before getting high. Next I am going to be watching Trainspotting for inspiration for more dialogue and camera techniques. And then moving onto more general films.

Character backgrounds

In this blog post I will be making short character backgrounds for what I feel my characters have been through. This would hopefully mean that I can get a better understanding for the character when writing dialogue for them. I can then also use this to give to the actors, in case they need help playing the character. I will only be doing this for three actors, which all have the dialogue parts of my film. I have also chosen the actors for these three roles as well. For each character I am going to give them an age and their sex, and then just give a brief background description. With also how they know and relate to the other characters.

Jasper – Main Character

Age: 17
Gender: Male

Jasper has been very interested in art and being creative since a young age. Starting his hobby of photography, he now wants to pursue this ambition so that he can do it as a full time career. He is currently studying photography at college at the moment. Jasper has known Luc for a long time, for about five years. With also the both of them going to the same college. However recently they have started to drift apart. Due to Luc starting to mix with other groups, Jasper feeling that Luc is leading him down a path that won’t help him in the future.

Luc – Supporting Actor (Best Friend of Jasper’s)

Age: 18
Gender: Male

Luc has known Jasper for awhile now, and still talks to him. They both attend the same college, however Luc is less interested and less passionate about what he is doing. Isn’t really sure what he wants to do later in life. He has been mixing with different groups and trying different drugs as a past time. He has been bringing Jasper out to most of social events however he can tell that Jasper is starting to get bored of them, and so they are both becoming more distant.

Johnny – Supporting Actor

Age: 19
Gender: Male

Johnny has known Jasper for a few months now, but they have grown close due to their love of photography. As Johnny is aspiring to be a model or work in fashion and has Jasper take his pictures for him. Johnny doesn’t see eye to eye with Luc and doesn’t understand why Jasper is still hangs round with him. Johnny has a certain code he lives by where if someone is holding you back, you should cut them off. He has done this in the past with friends but doesn’t why Jasper doesn’t do it to Luc.