TV pilot – Being put into groups, starting pre-production

Today we were told what ideas were going to picked to be put into production and going to made. Mine was one of the ideas that was picked out of four that were chosen. Fay saying that idea is complex, but with also being very intresting to turn into a pilot scene with our limited resources. With additional saying it has good characters and good starting scene to set the tone.

Our group consists of three people, Me as a Director with Conor being the producer and camera operator. With Kira being the supporting actress of the production, with taking care of the production design and costumes.

After we got settled in our groups, we spent the rest of the day working on the script. Talking with the group about which bits we should change so that we can be able to film as students. We change a bit of the dialogue and adjusted a few of the scenes around so we could film them with our locations.

Thinking about potential location ideas, we thought about having the bedroom scene somewhere in Croydon. Which Conor already knows about from previous location scouting. We also thought it would be cool to go into a market in London and film. Making it seem like that is the market from the post apocalyptic world.

So far it’s in the early stages of pre production, but we have already developed a script which we are quite happy with. Having used my first draft as a base point and expanding upon that.


Started some work experience

Today we started our work related project for the college. This involved filming the art students from East Surrey College making lanterns for Kew Gardens festivals. We were put into groups, our group consisted Me, Joe and Ethan. Our goal was to try and make a promotional short film for Kew Gardens festival. We were set the task of interviewing people and taking some B-roll footage. Me and Joe were in control of the camera making sure that the composition was organized while Ethan had control of the boom and sound.

After the day of filming we managed to interview four people whilst having a variety of different B-roll shots. However some of the composition could have been improved slightly with the some of the interviews. For example one of the interviews that we did had quite a bit of head room, more that is usual. This it that she wasn’t fully the main point of focus, and having the extra head will distract the audience. Another mistake that happened was that of not having the person look in the right direction.

Related image

We will have to take these in consideration when filming more tomorrow, making sure to improvement from our mistakes. Improving on the visuals of the interviews.

Seeing David Fincher talk at the BFI

Last night I went to see David Fincher talk at the BFI about his latest release of his newest netflix TV series Mindhunter. He talked about various topics of his TV show, with also talking about his previous work on films: Se7en, fight club and Zodiac.

The first section he was discussing about how he got Mindhunter made. This gave some unique perspective into the industry as it took almost 5 years to be released. He then continued to talk about why he was interested to work on the project. Saying how he enjoyed turning the true story of people trying to understand what went through people’s minds when killing, into a dramatization for a TV show. David Fincher commented on fact that he doesn’t like how there is alot of parameters in TV and Film. For example having to make 10, one hour episodes. Rather than just having the story be as long as it needs to be.

We were then shown a clip from the film Se7en. Where Detective Somerset and Mills talk about apathy.

David Fincher talked about how he fought to keep this scene in against the producers wishes. This is also something that happened later with Zodiac as well. David Fincher mentioned why he enjoys working with Brad Pitt, saying in his words “he’s a goofball.” He described of how he likes to work with Actors, saying that they are mostly like children. Mentioning that he wants to give them space to perform to their highest standard. Not feeling pressured to get it on that extract take. This is one of the reasons why he doesn’t like using film and much prefers using digital. Feeling that changing the Mag of film every 10 minutes puts unneeded pressure on the actors in the scene. He described them as children, due to fact that he likes to create the correct environment to “play,” in

They then continued to show us a scene from the film Fight Club.

He talked about how he got into contact with the book in the first place. Saying when he read how funny and twisted it was. Being from anything that he has read beforehand. He then mentioned how he tried to contact screenwriters to turn it into a screenplay, having trouble at first due to many not getting the concept of the book. One of whom was Buck Henry.

We were then shown an audio montage from the film Zodiac. The audio montage was showing the passing of time between 4 years. Playing audio clips from the time. David Fincher mentioned how he forced by the producers to shorten this scene down, due to the fact that audiences might get bored. However he really liked this scene so for the DVD he extended it again. He really likes this scene because he feels that audio does more than if there were visuals. Due to the fact that we can imagine a lot more from the audio clips, thinking of the time period.

In conclusion to my brief summary of David Fincher’s talk I would like to finish off with a quote: “I came to realise that: picture is 25%; sound is 25%; the audience is 50%. The audience will meet you halfway.”

Meaning that you have to leave something for the audience, not explaining everything, making sure that they are interested and thinking. Rather than just watching visuals pass over them.

What I learned from Peaky Blinders

After looking at the opening scene of Peaky Blinders, I felt that its most important to show and not tell. Rather than explain everything though dialogue its better to actually show people though visuals. This means that you aren’t bombarding the person with exposition getting them overwhelmed or confused.

Trying to use little as dialogue as possible, with trying to not introduce all the characters at once. Rather each scene has a new character that we get introduced to, and with what relation the character has to the main character. This slowly eases us into the world of Peaky Blinders, showing us all the characters at play.

Proposal for my TV idea









The script – (extract from the pilot episode







This is my proposal for the TV pilot with my extract from the pilot episode. I feel that I have a strong proposal which will help me with my pitch. Having a strong foundation. I have talked about the plot points in the first episode, with also talking about the characters. I feel my proposal gives an good overview of the world that I had in mind for this TV show. Showing the look and the themes that will be present in the show.

My script I feel will help with getting the feel of the TV series across, as this would also be the opening scene to the TV series.  It also shows the genre elements that it contains in the rest of the TV series. I feel like as an opening scene it’s good introducing us into his world and how it operates. Showing that people get shot on sight for being infected, and how this is normal for people to see. It also shows us the characters place in the world, being smuggling. Showing the characters personalities as people.

Research into the SCI-FI genre and post apocalyptic genre

I watched films and looked at other forms of media so I could come up with ideas for my TV series proposal. Giving me inspiration for themes and characters in my concept.

The Road – Film

(father and son)

The Road is post apocalyptic world, where most of humanity has been wiped out. It doesn’t really explain what caused this, only hints at it. The story follows a Father and Son trying to get through America in this grim time. I really like the aspect of the Father and son relationship with trying to get though the world. I feel like I want to take this aspect into my concept. With also the actual design of the world.

(landscape picture)

I like how the world is decaying and how all the trees are dying. I feel that this is a nice way to reflect what is happening to human morals and humanity itself. I feel that this would be important to include in my concept and proposal. I also enjoy the characters of the film, with the Dad being the more cautious and aware one. Whilst the Son is more caring and more trusting in the world.

Children Of Men – Film

(picture of clive owen and woman)

Children of men is a film about fertility in women has stopped, and no child has been born in 18 years. I really like children of men for the aspect of that the main character has to protect someone who holds the cure to humanity problems with them. This adds a tension to the whole story whilst also still having that strong bond. I want to use this in my story as I feel it will add a lot of depth.

Metro 2033 – Video Game


What I like about Metro 2033 post apocalyptic world is that the atmosphere on the surface is deadly and that people have had to move into the metro to stay alive. I really like this take on the whole post apocalyptic genre. I want to take this into my idea combined with someone who could save humanity. I feel like this would make for a good combination.


The Last of Us – Video Game


The Last of Us is an action-adventure survival horror video game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Players control Joel, a smuggler tasked with escorting a teenage girl named Ellie across a post-apocalyptic United States. Ellie being immune to the virus that is devastating the world, having the cure to humanity with her. I really like the combination here having the Father and Daughter relationship whilst also having to protect her due to being the key to survival.

(picture of Joel and Ellie)

My favourite aspect of this video game, is the character arches of both protagonists in the story, with also their relationship developing over time. From being bitter towards each other to being practically family. This is something that I want to show in my series, having their relationship over the several hours of the TV series.

I also really like the SCI-FI elements of the game. Having people that get infected through a fungal infection. With also people being divided into sections. I want to bring the government being a very dominant force into my story, forcing people into sections. As this seems very controlling, adding to the grim nature of what the world has turned into.


In conclusion, I feel that most of the themes explored in these films and games are mostly about humanity. Dealing with death and destruction. Most of the key themes being very grim and depressing in the post apocalyptic/SCI-FI. This someone I want to reflect in my TV, about the lost of humanity and of empathy towards other people. Having the “one for all,” mentality.

Peaky blinders opening scene

EXT.Street alley

Muddy street, damp. Thomas Shelby riding a horse enters into frame. Women hanging their washing scatter and hide. Two people, A man and young girl runs up to meet Thomas Shelby half way.


Sir, this is her


Girl who tells fortunes

Thomas Shelby pays the man. Girl in exchange blows red powder into the horse’s nose. The horse staggers back.

Boy (hiding)

There doing a magic spell, to make it win the race

The couple run away. Scared. Thomas Shelby turns his horse to speak to the crowd of people hiding.


The horse’s name is Monaglan boy. Kempton 3 o’clock Monday. You ladies have a bet yourselves but don’t tell anyone else.

Thomas Shelby rides off and out of the alley. Women come out from hiding continue to do washing.