TV Diverse city – Questionnaire

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Diverse City – More research into audience

I am just going to answer some more questions about audience, giving me more research into the audience.

(C) Why is diversity and choice important for audiences?

So audiences have variety and don’t have to watch the same thing. This means that audience won’t get bored of media or film. It also means that producers can market to small audiences and make content made for specific audiences. This means that can watch smaller show appealing to their views or interests.

How do media producers cater for different needs of audiences?

Media producers do surveys to see what new audiences are interested in, seeing if theres a popularity in certain thing or subject. They would also do a pilot episode to see theres interest in that show, seeing if they could make it into a full series.

What are the differences between alternative and mainstream audiences?

Alternative audiences are more smaller and more specific. For example a alternative would be people aged between 18-25, and being into underground hip hop. An example of this would be the youtube channel “Pigeons and Planes.” While a mainstream audience would be a much wider reach. Having a much wider age range and a less specific subject matter. For example the Great British bake off appealing to the age of 30+ and being both men and women.

How do different media forms use different modes of address?

TV uses the form of adverts on the TV. As the people watching the adverts are mostly going to watch something on the TV. Whilst content situated online will mostly likely advertise on sites like youtube and instagram.

(D) What is relationship of advertising to channel funding?

Advertisements pay the channel to show their product or show on their channel. This is how a channel makes most of its money, through adverts.

How does advertising operate with digital media and streaming services?


Research into inspiration for TV Idea – Diverse City

In this blog post I will be looking at different shows that currently exist that can provide a source inspiration for my idea.

Pigeons and Planes – Web series

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Pigeons and planes is a youtube Channel centred around showcasing new upcoming artists from all different music genres. Having interviews and live performances from the young artists showing their work. Whilst also being an avenue to display their music videos. Such artists as Bill $aber and Trippie Redd have had their music videos shown on the channel.

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Pigeons and planes is more about a daily update in all things music. Giving updates on new artists making waves. Taking a more of news format approach, only really having videos that are about 5-10 minutes in length. With also talking about new projects that are set to be released. This has been the main source of inspiration for me. Due to the fact that I really like how they providing a hub for upcoming artists that haven’t been featured really anywhere else.

I want this to been the main aspect of my TV show. However rather than having one guy stand in front of the camera talking about new artists. I want it to panel of people and have them discussing it.

Everyday Struggle – Web series

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Everyday Struggle is a another youtube series that is more a podcast format. Their is a panel of three hosts discussing the latest events in hip hop news. Rather than Pigeons and Planes it’s more about talking about popular Hip Hop gossip or news that happens in the industry at the moment. It has also a longer format of one hour and being filmed on each weekday.

Everyday Struggle is more about a discussion about subjects with the each host bringing their own personality to the table, creating a more interesting dynamic. I want to replicate this but for new underground artists discussing what’s interesting or new about them. However I won’t want to replicate how tense some of the episodes get on everyday struggle, because I feel that will devalue the artists that they are talking about.

MTV Trl – TV show

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My last source of inspiration is from the new MTV show Trl. The only real aspect I want to take away from this is the live performances at the end of the show.


In the show they have a guest throughout it, then they have them perform at the end of the show in front a small crowd of people. I think that this would be a cool idea to do for my show. Have a special guest each week to discuss with the panel upcoming artists giving industry insight as well. And then as a climax and ending, have them perform at the end of show.

In coulsion

I feel bringing these three show into a hybrid would make for a really interesting show about music. Showcasing what the underground scene has to offer. I will now to continue to develop the structure of the show, as I already have the brief overview. Will also coming up with potential hosts for the show.

Popular TV show audiences

In this blog post I will be talking about popular TV shows and what audiences they would  be targeting.

Love Island

Love Island pulled in 1.8 million viewers in 2016. Love Island targeting a wide audience of young people and teenagers. People aged to between 16-24. Mainly appealing to people who are dating currently or looking for love, mostly being female. With the audience being attracted to the opposite sex, being straight. The class of the audience, would working to lower middle class. Due to most of the people of the show are in that section of society.

The Walking Dead

The walking dead managed to 2 million viewers from a British audience in 2016. The walking dead I feel is targeting a wide age demographic. Being between 16-30, having a mostly male demographic. The class of the people the show is appealing to would mostly lower middle class, but mainly everyone. The show would also try and appeal to people that are more interested in comics. Due to it being about zombies and also being originally from a comic book series.

Line of Duty

The cop drama Line of duty pulled in almost 6 million viewers on BBC two. Line Duty age  demographic would be aged between 25-45, being both Male and Female. The class of the audience would be mainly middle class.

Top Gear

Top gear managed to pull in 6.4 million despite the new hosts in 2016. Appealing to mainly male audience of between 14-45. Having quite a wide range of different age groups but mainly appealing to the male demographic.

The Great British Bake off

The Bake off being the most viewed TV show in British television, having almost 16 million viewers in its final series before moving to Channel four. Appealing to the widest range of 30+, with mostly female audience members.

Audience proposal task – basic concept DIVERSE CITY

For are next task we have to come up with a TV programme or Film idea that will target a small audience. It also has to be fictionalized, for example a documentary or a panel show of some sorts.

My idea for is a talk/panel show related to music. There would be 2 or 3 hosts and each week they would talk about upcoming artists in the underground scene. Mainly thanks to the rise of internet people being able to upload anything. This would provide a spotlight for some of the artists mentioned, that are just starting their career and don’t really have a fanbase currently. They would talk about how the artist is interesting and discuss it between the three of them. This would happen on a weekly basis and be a 30 minute segment on the TV. There would also be a special musical guest every week to provide insight, with them also performing at the end of the show. The musical guest wouldn’t be massive however, they would be just recently came from that underground scene. I feel that this would make the most sense. As they could provide good insight as they just came from that scene.