Learning the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

I have started to learn the basics of the editing software, Adobe Premiere. I have learnt how to probably import the video and audio (e.g music.) While also getting to grips with cutting the video and adding in fades for the video and music. I have also cut the video to the rhythm of the music. I have demonstrated this in the trailer (style) film I have made. Editing parts of the film Samsara to suit the music that I have accompanied to it. This music is featured in the film Django Unchained and is called La corsa by Luis Bacalov. This was by far the most challenging obstacle I came across, because I had cut the exact beat of the music. I was able to overcome this by zooming in on the editing so I could get I more clearer and stretched view. This made it so I could make the timing much more accurate.


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