Examples of task 2 for inspiration (research)

This post will include examples of pictures I have found online which I will as a point of reference to improve the pictures I am going to take.



This picture is of a art piece, which is of a bed messed up and untidy.

This piece art will be helpfully due to the fact that I will be taking the picture in my room. This will give me a new percevtive of having the bed involved with the poster. Having a more complex approach to taking the picture, however in return this will help me showing the semiotic signs and trying to show the message that I am conveying. This artwork was displayed at Tate modern and was by Tracey Emin.



This picture is of the front cover of the game silent hill 2.

This photo is the front cover of a video game. The reason I have choose this picture is because I would like to change the colour to the picture. I feel like this would make the picture have quite a sinister tone adding to the semiotic tone. I feel like this would also help in what colour should I choose, giving me the correct inspiration in what colour I should choose for the right tone and feeling I want to convey. I may not choose to take a picture of a face, but rather change the colour of the dvd cover I will be taking the picture of.



This is the dvd cover of apocalypse now redux version.

The final example is the apocalypse now dvd cover. The reason I have chosen this for inspiration is because I would like to take a picture of a dvd cover in a abstract way. This will also help me due to the fact that the cover has a great use of colour consisting of orange, reds and blacks. This will inspire me to use a wider variety of colours taking my pictures and to also use colours that wouldn’t normally correspond with each other normally.



This is a poster of the film American History X.

The reason I have chosen this is poster is because of the fact that it has a great use of colour which complements the film. I also feel that the poster has great composition which creates a semiotic signs. This poster will give me inspiration for creative ways of making and producing my semiotic signs. I will also feel that the poster will help when I am thinking about composition, lighting, colour and semiotic signs. As I can use it as a point of reference to help me take my three photos that I will be producing.


Overall I feel that all these images would help me to create better images which use lighting, colour and composition to display semiotic signs which conveys emotion to the audience viewing my photos.


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