Planning for task 2: Annotated photos

For task 2 we have to take photos to convey semiotic signs. At the moment I am planning ideas for the task. I am thinking of taking a photo of my posters or dvds. This will convey the sign that I enjoy films. I will either do close on one poster or from far away including a few in the frame. My next idea would be a close up of my hand, whilst having the background blurred. This will be a hard photo to take though due to the fact that I have not  done this type photo before. I feel as well that I will need to change the colour of the picture to add variety.

I will also be gaining practice of taking semiotic pictures, due to the fact that I will be taking photos of signs. This will enable be to gain practise of framing the photo properly and thinking for the semiotic signs. I will be taking pictures of traffic lights and also speed signs along with other road signs.


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