Test shots for task 2

These are two of the test shots I have done for one of my ideas, the corresponding theme is that of horror. I have displayed this by having a quote from Apocalypse Now by Francis Ford Coppola. I have chosen these two images to shown semiotic signs in each part of the quote. I have chosen to put the first part of the quote “horror has a face,” on a face of a Nazi because of the fact that nazi’s beliefs are horrifying. Trying to show that this is the true face of horror. I displayed this by having the quote covering the Nazi’s face.

The reason I have chosen to place the next part of the quote on spider man is because of the fact that spider man is seen as the good guy and as your friend. This suits well in with the quote due to the fact that you have to make a friend of horror. Turning horrifying face into a friendly one. I have also covered his face with the quote due to the fact that it connects with the other quote and the other photo.

I feel what worked with these two photos is the fact that the convey quite a strong message about horror, and has a message that can be inferred. I also feel that the colour contrasted from the two images works well to show the difference between the images.

What didn’t work was the quality of the picture, for example you can see the light reflecting off the poster, this takes away from the actual image. Also I used someone’s else work as the form of a poster so this is not as original as other photos, due to the fact I am including someone else’s work.

The next is to either take the pictures again to have a higher quality of image or to do a difference entirely while still including the quote from Apocalypse Now about horror.

The reasoning for including the American History X poster again is to connect the tasks together, adding to the semiotic signs throughout the unit.

I have taken inspiration from the American History X poster in terms of the fact that the two different colour of the images is very different. One is black and white. The other is bright with a variety of colours. This used in American History X to see the actors names more clearly, using red against black and white. The reasoning for having two different sets of colours is because of the fact that one of them is your friend.

I have also taken inspiration from the Apocalypse now dvd cover and the silent hill 2 cover by having great amounts of colour being shown, including the oranges and reds very similar to apocalypse now.

I have started to make the word “horror” out of dvds, this ties into the theme of horror I want to convey with the previous photos doing so. This also shows how much I enjoy movies and variety of films that I have seen.

What worked for this set of images is the fact that it connects with the other two images in the theme of horror and of films. However what didn’t work was that of the lighting, making it so that you can’t see certain dvdd that well and they are obscured from the light. Making it so you can’t probably tell what the movie is. The other improvement I need to make is to make more Rs and Os to make the word “horror” in full with other dvds to have more variety.


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