Task 3 – research ideas

We have looked at few short films and adverts which have given us inspiration. One of them we have been looking at is the advert for the Syrian refugee advert.

The reason we used this for inspiration is the use of shots. That being throughout the video the camera shot doesn’t change with the same person in the frame, whilst the location changes around when they cut. We have used this technique when we are filming the scene where my character walks up the hill to the college. We will adapt this by having the camera position behind the person and the fact that this is only when I am walking up the hill and not for the hole film, as the advert was.

The next source of inspiration would be The Departed with the semiotic signs of the “X.” The film used this to display which main characters were going to die within the film. The every character that died had an “X,” somewhere in the same shot as them. I used this to display the fact that the main character will die in our short film by having the “X” in the some of the shots.

These are examples from the film, The Departed.


The next inspiration would be the short film Selfie from Hell. This is because you can’t clearly see the “thing,” that is behind her and ends by having a cut to black when she gets grabbed. We will be doing this in our short film by having Dan’s character not be shown clearly until the main character gets grabbed which then cuts to black.

The next source of inspiration would the film, open yours eyes by director Ajeandro Amenebar. We took the idea of the location being empty and bare and no one is around, while only the main character being within the short film. We also took the idea of that the main character starts out his day like normal, waking up and brushes his teeth. We took this idea by having our first scene by having the main character wake up like that of the film. Showing his daily routine.

The final source of inspiration I had was from the advert for the royal marines, where a person eyes appear from the dark behind someone. I used this as inspiration for the last shot of the film, I used this because I thought it tied into the theme of horror. It also ties into the theme of someone stalking me though the college and me not knowing he isĀ there. This helps me the end the short film in jump scare type ending where it cuts to black. I feel that this adds to the short film due to having such sudden ending. (I can not copy and paste the link for some reason.)

I also took inspiration from the previous short films I have made in the past, due to the fact that they have a very similar theme, of the “visitor.” I used this as point of reference so that I can improve from the original and make better and improved short film.


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