Task 3 – reflection on my rough cut, with also the equipment we used

I have made a rough cut with the footage I currently have. I will now reflect on this so I can see what I can do next to improve my work. My rough cut is currently at 2 minutes and 30 seconds. I realised that me and Dan need to reshoot some of the scenes and shots. One of these scenes would be the evaluator scene at the end of the film. Due to the fact that it doesn’t seem that scary and also where the camera is position is doesn’t have the full effect of the shot. We also have to reshot that scene due to the fact we can now add black duct tape into the scene, so we can have a corresponding theme of the X within the shots. We also want to shoot the me walking outside the college as if I am walking into the college.

I also had the idea of shooting the walking corridor scene again because of the fact that the long continuous with walking long side camera is to long. I am hoping to either cut this down so it isn’t as long or either add some shots of me walking in the corridor so I can add the X in again. This will also add variation within the scene so it won’t be as long as it was with the one shot.

I also had the idea of having Dan in front of the X for one frame within the film, I took this inspiration from the film Se7en and fight club where they have one frame shot in the film. I wanted to add the frame so it can hint at what will happen later in the film, also adding tension to the overall short film. I also wanted to film the keep out sign so I can have the credits over the keep out sign. This would connect the title with the film. Whilst having an imaginative way to show the credits for the film.

The equipment we used:
Canon 1200d Eos
Tri pod
Steady cam


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