Task 3 – reflection of the obstacles we had whilst filming

Whilst filming we had to overcome a few obstacles with filming. One of the main obstacles was filming in the college with people walking around the walking around the college walking into the shot and talking in the background. To overcome this we had to wait until late in the evening when mostly everyone had gone home. This meant we had to wait around a bit until people went home or moved. This paid off because we managed to get the footage we wanted and didn’t have anyone in the shot. Another obstacle we had to overcome was that of the background noise whilst filming in Redhill. To overcome this problem we filmed where the noise was at a minimal, I will then change the audio so that it doesn’t sound out of place of unnatural.

The other problem as well, and maybe the hardest scene, was the evaluator scene. The problem we had was not getting the camera in the shot, we tired to have the camera at a angle so it wouldn’t get seen in the mirror at the back of the evaluator. However this didn’t have the full effect so to overcome it we reshot it with the tripod and have no one behind the camera. We also made sure that I was position in certain way so I covered up the camera from the mirror. Whilst also reshooting we also changed the X on the wall to black, to make look more creepier and a bit more disturbing.

We also had trouble getting the footage from the camera to the computer due to the fact that we filmed on two separate cameras. This was problem because we couldn’t email each other the footage because of the fact that the file was too big for an email. To overcome this we had to bring in a USB and sd cards so we could trade the footage, we did this on monday. Next time we will make sure to film on one camera or be more prepared to exchange the footage and make sure what we are doing.

Overall I feel that we overcome the problems quite well and managed to have a short film of high quality even with production problems.



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