Task 3 -reflection of the reshooting

Yesterday me and Dan did reshoots for our short film, this post is a reflection of what happened and what the outcome was. We reshot the evaluator scene making it a lot more scary and better quality. We adjusted the camera angle in some of the shots and also changed the X in the background to black duct tape so it more visible and of higher quality making the scene scarier.

The reshooting of the less important shots were not completed. Due to the fact that this would mess with continuity due to the sun being out when perviously it was cloudy. This would make the short film look worse so we decided not to reshoot that scene. These reshoots weren’t important to the overall film, it will just mean that now we will have to edit the film so we can shorten a certain short within the film that we were perviously going to reshoot.

I feel that doing these reshoots will improve my short film, and will help the ending scene have more tension and be creepier. The other reshoots won’t effect the film insufficiently however next time we have to make sure the footage is good on set and at the time so we don’t have to reshoot at a later date. This is something I will take to my another short film so I can save time and improve my overall short film.


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