Editing a music video

The next thing I have edited using premiere pro was the music video alongside the sample music that was given to us. In this task we were given a source track that we had to put footage to make a music video. I used a wide range of different footage and visual styles. I used footage from the films: The tree of life, Raging bull and Apocalypse now. The reason I used these three films was because of the wide range of visual diversity while all looking appealing and compelling. The footage I used from the tree of life was the landscape shots the CGI shots of space and bacteria. The reason why I used these shots is that I wanted to show contrast between the Raging bull shots whilst also being visually appealing. For Apocalypse now I used the starting sequence and Martin Sheen waking up. The reason for these shots is that I feel that they are visually compelling and correspond well the timing of the music. My final film that I used was raging bull, I used the starting shot from this film where Robert De Niro is shadowing boxing. The reason I used this shot is because of the fact that it is beautifully framed and whilst having colours of the footage that contrast, due to the raging bull clip being black and white.

Overall I feel that my music video has came out rather well, I taken my experience from my pervious work on editing and made some of the cuts fades so it has more of flowing feel to it in time with the music. However I do think I should chose more wisely with the shots I use and how use them to tell a story. I feel like this improve my overall editing skills and how I look at films.


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