Evaluation of the final cut for task 3 – the visitor

I have made my final cut for task 3 and have exported it. This would be an overall evaluation on the final cut and how I should improve with my other short films going forward.

This is the link to the final cut of my short film, where it is located on Youtube:

The first scene of the short film where I am waking up and going to the bath room, I feel that worked well. Due to the quick cuts and the close ups of the shots of me in the bathroom. The shot that was my favourite from that scene was the shot with the mirror and me brushing my teeth I feel that this was a good shot due to the fact that of how it was framed within the shot. However to improve my work next time I feel like I should include more shots of the me waking up and include more quick cuts. I feel that I should also include shots of me waking up and stopping the alarm clock. I feel that this would add more value to the short film and time to the short film.

The scene where I am walking through redhill and into the college, I feel could be improved. This was because of the camera being so shaky in the last couple of shots and having the background noise didn’t help. To overcome the noise issue in editing I turned down the volume so they are all on the same level so the noise is constant. However I feel that the shots and how they were cut work extremely well for the final product. Making the walk into the college much more interesting. To make this scene better I feel that I should add more shots of me walking to the college with the same framing and shots. I feel this would make the film have much more continuity in the film and make the film look better because it cuts from red hill straight to inside the college. This would improve the quality of the short film. Next time I would make sure that I give myself more time to make the short film and have enough time to reshoot.

The scene where I am walking around the college I feel is the weakest, I feel that this is due to the fact that I had to cover up alot of the background noise by turning down the volume and having to play music over that scene. The reason for the footage having so much background noise was due to the fact that the college was echoey and there were still a lot of people around the college even though we were in the evening. To improve this next time we should will film in a location where there isn’t a lot of people to make it easier on ourselves and base it around that. Also due to there being still a few people many of the shots had to be cut so they weren’t in the background, this also meant that we had to cut out a scene due to there being people in the reflection and also too much background noise. The shots we did get were of to a high standard but still would have been better if we made more of a plan and had an idea where we didn’t need most of the college to be empty.

What I will take away from this, is that I should be prepared about my short film and have more of idea of the locations and how difficult it is going to be to film there. I feel that this would improve my work in the future because I will be able to think more about what I am doing and plan further ahead. However even though we had problems filming we still managed to have good shots where nobody is in the frame and also not having the background noise to be too loud by editing the sound and playing music over the background noise to cover it up.

The last scene in the film we also had problems filming due to the fact that we didn’t have the duct tape for the back of the wall and also didn’t have correct shot for the last shot. This was because of the fact that there was a mirror behind and the camera would be in the shot. This meant we had to reshoot with the black duct on the wall with the mirror in the background. Considering the mirror in the background I think the last shot was successful however I would preferred if we had more of jumpscare feel to it but this felt cheesy at the end. The parts with the end scene is the X on the wall I feel is when one of the better moments of our film due to the mysterious of it and the fact that it adds tension and creepiness to the scene.

Next time with the last short I will make sure that we aren’t going to have any problems and also have the short film and the last shot be more similar, so I am able to film more easily without having any problems with the footage or editing.

Overall I feel that this short film is good considering the fact that we had many technical issues with the shooting of it and also the fact that we had problems with transferring the footage over the two separate cameras. I feel that Me and Dan both met the specification of the short film up to standard with the brief. However next time we would have to think about the location and the story of short film and how difficult it is to pull off. Whilst also keeping in mind sound and to eliminate any background noise that is there. These two points I feel we would have to take into consideration when making our next project. If we do this we will be able to improve our work and also make a better product.


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