Documentary task – vox pop The ten questions and my intentions

Our next task is to do a vox pop style documentary, this blog post will be the 10 questions I will ask people and I will chose 3 of these questions and edit out the rest. My intentions for this task I need to make the answers one word so I can have a lot of people featured but still having the time down to about 1 minute or so. I may also include footage at the beginning to introduce the short film with a title sequence. I was also thinking of having the song The end by the doors. I will also time the editing with this song or just having it as background noise very quiet in the background. Feel that this will also create a certain feeling in the documentary, I feel that it would also collate with the fact that it is from one of my favourite movies which relates to one of the questions in the documentary that I will be asking. The locations I will be using our from a wide range of locations. Some I will be doing outside where the person lives, others I will be doing in different places in the college. I will interviewing friends and family and trying a wide range of opinions so I can have variety in the answers.

Framing the shots I will be using the rule of thirds to frame people within the shot. I will have them position to the side looking off camera and not looking at the camera. But also have some of them position far away with their whole body in the shot and others with a close up having a better look at there face. I feel that this will create contrasts between the shots and have the variety in the short film.

The questions I will be asking, will be:

  1. What is your favourite film and why?
  2. What director do you like?
  3. Are there any actors/actress that you like?
  4. Whats your favourite movie quote?
  5. Whats your view on religion?
  6. Favourite genre of film?
  7. Favourite genre of music?
  8. Favourite band/artist?
  9. Are there any historical figures that you admire and why?
  10. Favourite word?

These are some example questions for the questions I am going to ask in my documentary. I have now been told that I have to base all the questions around one topic. I have feel that I should either make a set of political questions or set of questions on religion. I feel that this would create a quite serious tone and be quite interesting by the fact that there will be a wide range of opinions and a conflict between. This will make for an interesting watch as there would be such different opinions.

Another choice would be questions about film and what films do people enjoy. I feel that this would be interesting as the fact that there would still be a conflict of opinions but it will have a much light hearted tone compared to the other choice which is more serious tone. However I am favouring the other choice as it is a bit more interesting in terms of the variety of answers and also the conflict of those answers.


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