Research for the Vox Pop documentary

For my research I looked at the channel 4 vox pop documentaries which interviewed a wide variety of celebrities about what their favourite word is and what their happiest memory is.

The first one we looked at was the celebrities describing their happiest memories. This one had the longest and less people featured in the video but still came out at the same time length as the other video. It had a total of 17 people featured in the video. This is what I want my vox pop documentary to be like, having longer answers and less people. I want the video to start the same by having the first person to repeat the question so the audience knows what they are answering. I also want to use the technique that all of them are in different locations to create contrast between them all. This includes changing the framing and camera angle for each person so I can have a better contrast between the people not just with their answers but also how the shot is positioned and framed.

The other short vox pop we looked at was the other channel four documentary where they would ask about their favorite word. This time the answers were only one word but this meant that there were more people in the vox pop documentary. I will also take this into consideration when thinking about my documentary. I will have some of my answers one word and others longer to make a contrast and a difference between them. There are approximately about 37 different people in the Vox pop documentary.

I will take both these into account and make a combination of the two where I have long and one word answers. This will extend the length of the documentary and also make for some more interesting answers and conversation. (I can not upload the documentaries onto wordpress.)

For the next part of the research I took some helpful tips and information on how to conduct a vox pop. I did this by looking at websites from the internet, one of them being this website:

This very informative on how to properly conduct my short interview and gave me a view on all aspects of making the vox pop professionally. For example it gave me information on how to construct my questions and leave them open. This is important because of the fact that I needed to have the questions to be correct and have the right impact for the vox pop to work and also to be long enough whilst having everyone’s opinion heard.

Another website I have found was this New York times article on 36 questions to fall in love with:

The reason why I found this article useful was because of the how it constructed its questions and how they left it open so the person talking could say more of the question and give more of their opinion to the audience. I felt like this was important because of the fact that I need to make the short film long to make time frame on the project brief but also be quick to fit a lot of people in. I feel like this website would help me due to the fact that I can base my questions around these ones to have a good idea on how to structure and ask a question, how open the question should be.


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