1 day of production – filming the vox pop

On the 19/10/16 we had are first day of production where I filmed some of my interviews for the vox pop. We filmed three interviews on wednesday. I filmed with Tammy and Ethan who also asked their set of questions to the people being interviewed. The people I interviewed were Dan, Riley and Tammy.

I have also decided what three questions I will be asking:
1.Favourite film and why?
2.Favourite director and why?
3.Favourite actor/actress and why?

Dan’s interview was outside, I wanted to have variation with the shots with being interviewed. So I wanted Dan to be outside so it can be a change from the other interviews which are mainly going to be inside. However we used an indoor mic for dan’s recording this was because of the fact that we mainly did filming inside and we didn’t know we were going to film outside. This may have an effect on the final product because of being able to hear the background noise, I also didn’t do a 10 second recording of the background noise, so this means we may not be able to cut it out in post. Next time I will be more prepared with my locations when filming and not to forget to record the background noise.


My next interview was Riley, we filmed this in the recording studio at east surrey. This was a much better interview due to the fact that we didn’t have any background noise in the recording. However with framing I forgot to tell Riley where to look and I was positioned in the wrong place. This had the negative effect of him looking up and making the shot look off, when really he should be looking to the side of the camera.


The third and final of the day was the interview with Tammy. I feel that this is the worse one due to the fact that you can hear people in the background as they are walking. This will not be good for my recording so I feel that I may remove this one from the finished product in post, due to it not being highest in quality compared to the other ones.

My aim is to interview three more people for the short vox pop, then maybe if I have time to interview a few more people a couple of days before the deadline. On the 1st and 31st.


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