day 2 of production – 23/10/16 Vox pop

Yesterday was my second day of production for the interview vox pop. I interview three more people, and I feel that this set of interviews were more successful and to higher quality than the previous ones I did on day 1 of production.

The first interview I did of that day I feel so far was the most successful interview. This was because of the fact that we were using a higher quality camera (dslr) and had good background and lighting. We were also okay with the sound due to being able to use a rode mic which was attached to the camera as a boom mic. This meant that we could get higher quality audio. I also used the rule of third properly with getting the person being interviewed in the right position. The background will now add variation with the shots and will also give a much more interesting shot to look at. The lighting was also good because we had natural lighting and it wasn’t to overexposed.


The second interview I did on the second day of production was someone called George. This interview was done with the same camera, however wasn’t to the same quality as the last one. This was because of the fact that I had to turn up the iso to make the picture brightness higher. This in turn made the light outside more exposed and have a grainy image as well. Next time I will make sure to do it in a different location or have lighting equipment. However the sound is still to good quality by using the same rode mic as the previous interview. I feel that the one weak point of the interview is the overexposure of the light coming from the window in shot. From next time I will also need to make sure that the grainy isn’t as notice as it is in this interview, this makes it no where near as sharp and crisp as the first one. I still managed to get the rule thirds correct and have the interviewer look in the correct place.


The final interview of the day was probably the worse for sound. This was because of the fact that I had no sound equipment because I couldn’t borrow camera mic I did for the previous two, and couldn’t borrow any boom mic from the college over the half term. However I feel that the sound well still work fine due to the fact that I can turn up the audio in post and also because we were in a small room with not much noise. The room was also dark. This was good due to the fact that it added variation between the look and feel of the shots. I also made the person being interviewed positioned further away from the camera to add more a depth of field and was also on the other side. This makes it different from the other shots in my vox pop on this day of production. I also feel that I shouldn’t of zoomed in, this is because of the fact that it adds quite a grainy image and not as crisp and sharp as the other images.



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