Editing so far with the vox pop


I am almost done editing my final cut of the vox pop. I have now chosen to place Tammy’s interview in because the audio wasn’t even that bad and was better than I expected it to be. However I may cut out ellis’s interview due to the fact that I didn’t use sound equipment and the with room being dark doesn’t help either. This makes a big contrast between the interviews because of that one being such low quality. I have also chose how to start my vox pop, by having Luc’s (one of the people I interview) interview be extended so that I can have him clap and when he claps it immediately cuts to the title screen have and it cut to him answering the question. I feel this is effective way to start the interview.

I also cut out my me asking the questions in the vox pop. The reason for this is due to the fact that I just want the people’s opinion and not to have my question in the audio. I will also not have any title cards for the questions, I feel using the title cards is an easy way out of asking question. So I have had some of the people I interviewed repeat the question so that the audience knows what they are talking about in the vox pop. This means that it is only the interviewer talking and not anyone else. I also feel that this is a more creative way of asking the questions rather than just having some text pop up saying what the question is.

The last thing I will have to do is chose a song that fits with the vox pop. This is important because of the fact that it has to suit the vox pop and the rhythm of the cuts. However at the moment I am struggling with the right music. I will have to keep looking and add it in on the monday before the vox pop is due in. I also have to think how I will end my vox pop, I was thinking to have it the same way I started it by having someone continue talking while the credits are rolling but I was also thinking maybe not even having credits at all.


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