Health and safety for the Vox Pop

When filming the vox pop we had to make sure to take health and safety precautions while in production. This was due to the fact that amount of sound equipment we had and with the cables. To keep things same with the sound equipment we coiled the wire around the boom pole so it won’t be hanging down anywhere to knock over any equipment or to trip anybody up. I also had to people helping me with the interviews this meet that I didn’t have to do everything, this meant that the production could be handled in a more professional way and making sure that everything is safe whilst filming.

I also had the camera level and position correctly on the tripod this meant it wouldn’t fall over and would be steady enough to stay still and wasn’t going to fall over on its own accord. This meant that we didn’t have to worry about the camera tilting or moving out of position. We also picked rooms and locations that had enough space so we could film not having worry about falling into anything or being freely able to move.


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