The music for my Vox Pop

I have been looking for music to suit my vox pop. I have found two pieces that would both suit my short film vox pop.

The first song that is in the running for the music in my vox pop is the main theme for the film cool hand luke. I feel that this is a good song to chose due to the fact that it is purely instrumental and doesn’t have any words in it, also only having only a few instruments and quite barebones makes it so it isn’t overbearing. This means when it is playing it won’t distract the audience from hearing what the people’s answers are and the sound of the music won’t cover their answers so they are still able to hear the people’s answers.

I also feel that the tone is well suited to the vox pop and will go nicely with the footage I have shot. I feel that having this music will go well with the questions I am asking, because of the fact that the questions are about your favourite films and cool hand luke is one of my favourite films. I feel that having this music in the Vox Pop will communicate that well.

The second song I had in mind for the vox pop was the piece music from the film midnight in paris. I feel that this is a good song to place in my vox pop due to the fact that it is quite uplifting and has well fitting tone with the rest of the edit and footage. I also feel that having only instruments will mean again that the music won’t become overbearing and play louder over the answers from the people being interviewed.

I will now have to place these in my final edit when I am back in college so I can see which ones fits. I then only have to edit the credits meaning which I will be done and I can could then export the file. I may play both with songs in my film but have them fade in and out of each other, however this will make it quite confusing and will distract the audience’s attention.



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