Evaluation – Vox Pop

I have made my final cut for the Vox Pop and have exported it and uploaded to the VLE. This blog post will be me evaluating my finished product and assessing what I should do next time to make sure that I can improve my short films in the future. I will also be evaluating what I did well so I can make sure to do that again in the future.

This is the link to my finished Vox Pop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BllSPeqFey4

I feel that the titles and the intro to my Vox Pop are professionally done. This is because of the fact that it plays a bit of the unused footage so the clap can happen in start the titles. I feel that this is a creative way to start the title sequence and to begin the short film rather than just having the title appear on the screen and the film start. I feel that this was a good way to use my initiative to make the start of Vox Pop more interesting and to stand out from the rest. This is why looking back on my Vox Pop I feel that this is good part and I will make sure to use again in the future.

The editing and the order that I have shown my interviews I feel is very important due to the fact that I have them say the answer and then have them explain and come back to it later to explain it. I feel that this is good because of the fact that at first it short and quick cut however it moves on to them explaining their point more and having longer cuts. This I feel adds variety to the Vox Pop with the edits. However the only problem is that some people may not remember what the person said and doesn’t get the context of them explaining it. Next time I will make sure to do it in one take so I won’t have to separate it out or have them repeat the film/person in their explanation so the audience still knows what they are on about. This means that next time I don’t have to take out my “why,” in the middle of the footage.

I am pleased that I got them to repeat the question. This is due to the fact that I feel that adding title cards is cheap and lazy, so I wanted a more creative way to tell the audience what question I was asking and not to have me say the question or have a title card pop up, due to the fact that I wanted a more creative way to show the question. For ellis’s interview I decided to scrap it, due to the fact that the audio was to echoey and that it the footage wasn’t to the highest quality with the room being dark and also the film grainy. I felt that keeping it in would only worsen the finished product. Next time I would make sure to use a better camera while also making sure that I can get the sound equipment for all the interviews. This means that they would all be done to the same quality and none of the footage would have to be cut out.


Overall I feel that the footage I took of the interviews was good, the ones I am using are all to the same quality with all of them having different angles and different framing with the each shot. However I feel that I messed the framing up with Tammy’s interview, this is due to the fact that she is in the middle of the frame and is looking to the opposite and not having the correct rule of thirds angle. This was because of the fact that it was becoming to the end of the day and it didn’t take the proper time to think about the shot. Next time I will make sure to be more focused on the situation and make sure that I am getting the correct shots that I need. I will also make sure that I more planned so that I can have more time to the film and also take more time setting up the video and sound equipment.


I feel that the audio recorded for this Vox Pop is all to high standard this is because of fact that I had people helping me with the equipment. This is also because we took extra care when recording are sound to make sure we were recording properly and to high enough standard. I feel that all the interviews were recorded well apart from Dan’s. This was because of the fact that we were using a indoor mic outside. This was due to the fact that we were mainly doing interviews inside and didn’t have to time to replace the mic with an outdoor one. Next time I will make sure we know all the locations of filming so we know on that day what equipment to. Furthermore I tried to fix the background noise issue with audition, however it was playing up and not letting me save my changes. This computer issue that I could fix and was out of my control.


The music I chose for the Vox Pop was the theme from the movie Cool Hand Luke.

The reason for me choosing this song is because of the fact that it is one of my favourite films and I feel that having it in my Vox Pop will relate to the question and also tell the audience what my favourite film without actually telling them visually. I feel that this a good way to convey the message and I will make sure to be using this piece a music again in my later short films and also to have the same meaning in my short films with the music. I also edited the music myself, this was because of the fact that towards the end of the song the music had too many instruments and becomes overbearing to the audience so they can not hear the answers. I fixed my having just the guitar on loop so that it is the only instrument, I then made it less noticeable with the use of fades. This makes it so it still sounds like the same song.

Overall I am very proud of Vox Pop and I feel that it can only be improved in couple of ways for example having audio fixed on Dan’s and having the framing of the rule of the thirds fixed on Tammy’s so she is looking in the right direction. However I pleased with the intro of the Vox Pop and also the framing of the other interviews, and how the music fits with the questions being asked and the rhythm of the editing.




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