Unit 2 Pre-task 1: Secondary research Compare and contrast reviews

In this task I will be comparing and contrasting two reviews. One that likes the film and the other which finds the film to be overrated.

The first review is by Roger Ebert, who loves the film and gave it 4/4 rating. He likes the wildness of it and also how directs a scene and writes the characters. “But the people in “Pulp Fiction” are in love with words for their own sake. The dialogue by Tarantino and Avary is off the wall sometimes, but that’s the fun.” (Roger Ebert.) He finds the film entertaining and finds Tarantino to use a wide variety of tools from filmmaking to make Pulp Fiction. “Here’s a director who’s been let loose inside the toy store, and wants to play all night.” (Roger Ebert.) This shows that he likes the wide variety of film techniques that he has featured in the film.

The second review has made in 2014 and was doing a retrospective of the film seeing if it was good. Sam Moore the reviewer does not like Pulp Fiction due to the fact that its writing is offensive, “the biggest issue with Pulp Fiction is its racism and homophobia.” (Sam Moore.) He also finds that it doesn’t when it gets laughed off as a nasty joke, “There are nasty jokes and unnecessary prejudices in this film, but Pulp Fiction has never really been taken to task for it.” (Sam Moore.)

This contrasts due to the fact that Roger Ebert finds the dialogue to be the best part of film and witty while Sam Moore feels that the dialogue makes the film worst and doesn’t like it handles racism and homophobia, of how it laughs it off with “nasty” jokes.


Roger Ebert, 1994, http://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/pulp-fiction-1994

Sam Moore, 2014, http://www.newstatesman.com/culture/2014/10/twenty-years-it-s-time-admit-pulp-fiction-bad-film



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