Pre task 2 primary research – Pulp Fiction

Pre task 2
Seb Griffin-Keane

I interviewed Ethan about his views on the film Pulp Fiction. He found the film to be enjoyable, this was due to the fact that the storyline was told out of order and gave it a much more of an enjoyable film. Ethan also liked the atmosphere that the film creates with the characters and story. He liked the acting from Samuel.L.Jackson with the madness and the originality of the film. Ethan enjoyed the film and says he would give it an 9/10.

I then interviewed Dan who liked the film due to how it presented its storyline and how it was all over the place telling it in a different order. An example of this would be how they connected the beginning with the ending of the film, he liked that they didn’t bring that situation again until the end. He liked the acting from Samuel.L.Jackson and Bruce Willis thinking they added great value to the film. He liked that the subjects it tackled with drugs and gang culture. He gave it a 10/10 and really enjoyed it.

My final interview about the Pulp Fiction is with Max Andrews. He also really enjoyed the film saying that it had a massive impact on cinema and are culture, still having an effect 22 years on. One of reasons for Max thinking it had a massive on cinema was due to the fact that he liked the style of story and not straight forward with his approach. He also liked how it didn’t tell you what was in the case, still making conversation today. He would finally give it an 8/10.


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