Group critical of the Vox pop – feedback from three people

I will now be discussing the feedback given from showing my Vox Pop to the rest of the class.

The first person who gave me feedback was Jack who said that I had a good use of shots when interviewing people and used the rule of thirds correctly. Another good thing he identified was how I phrased the questions by having the people being interviewed to repeat the question and not having a black title card pop up before the answers and also not having me say the questions in the interview. For areas of development he mentioned that I don’t need to improve on anything. This shows that I was heading in the right direction and I should do this again next time I make a project like this, and also take into account that my shots and lighting is good even though I thought they needed some improvement.

The second person who gave me feedback on my work for the Vox Pop was Joseph Devlin. One of the good identified by Joe from my Vox Pop was that you can tell what question they are answering without having to have a title card or me saying the question. This re-enfocres the idea that I was being creative and did have a correct idea to show the question. For areas of development he mentioned that I should use rule of thirds in every shot. I agree this point because I was disappointed that I didn’t frame the shot properly with Tammy. Another area of development is that I should use more interesting music instead of my Cool Hand Luke, I disagree with this point due to the fact that I like how the music ties in with my questions that I asked the people I interviewed, with it being one of my favourite films. One thing that he take influence is to have longer questions in his Vox Pop, this shows that I was right with having the people go back and explain their answer rather than just having one word answers.

The third and final person to give me feedback on my work was Lee. The first thing he identified was my intro to the Vox Pop, saying that it was a good way to start the short film and he enjoyed it. This shows that I should use the technique more enough when making these types of projects, showing that I was heading in the right direction with my idea. He mention that he should use this in his next project. The next thing he liked in my project was that of my questions and the quality of them, this shows that I was right to with the more light hearted questions with that of film rather than the more “controversial,” topic of politics and religion. Another thing that he liked was how I had them say the one word answer and then follow up with a longer answer. This shows that I had the right idea with how got them to answer the question and how edited the short film. This means that I should listen to my instinct and not be swayed by others. However one negative thing he pointed out was that I had some of them too central, this mainly Tammy’s shot which rushed and as I mentioned before I should improve on.

Overall I feel that I had quite a positive response which means that I am progressing in this course and heading on course to later pass and get a high mark on my FMP. I will also save these reflections so I can look back on them.


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