Pre task 3 – unit 2

Pre task 3 Seb Griffin-Keane

In this task I will talk about what influenced Tarantino in making his film Pulp Fiction and what visual images he copied from other films.

One of the many visual references that Quentin Tarantino makes in Pulp Fiction is that of the dance scene with John Travolta and Uma Thurman, where they copy the dance moves of the male and the female from the film 8 1/2. It also copies the same camera movements showing both them fully in shot facing each other, and then having the camera going close up on both of their faces whilst they are dancing. Tarantino has obviously taken influence from this film of how the couple dance and how the camera shows their expressions while dancing. The reason why I have chosen to discuss this influence is due to the fact that I feel that this is important and famous scene and the fact that it was influenced by another film shows Tarantino’s style of film making and is knowledge of film.


The another visual reference involves Uma Thurman when she first appears in the film, Pulp Fiction. This influenced by the film Warriors where a woman speaks in mic and the camera only shows half her face and focusing more on her voice. Tarantino takes this and uses this when John Travolta walks in and only hears her and doesn’t know what she looks like, he uses this shot from Warriors to place us in the shoes of the character as we are obscured by what she looks like and only have to go on her voice, the same as John Travolta’s character. I feel that this is good use of the shot to create feeling and emotion and make us feel what the character feels. The reason why I have chosen to talk about this that I like how Tarantino uses the same shot to create his own feeling and impact on the viewer by having us in his shoes.

The third visual reference that I chose to talk about is that of the scene where Butch stops at a traffic lights and Marcelles crosses the road in front of the car. This scene is a direct shot by shot influence from a scene in Psycho. The reason why I have chosen this to talk about is that like how Tarantino takes the suspenseful scene in Psycho and places into a totally different situation where the suspense is still there. This perfectly shows again how Tarantino makes his films by taking lots of different pieces from very different films and making into one whole film with his own style.

The final reference of visual style that I will talking about is that from the film Reservoir Dogs. The reason I have chosen to discuss this film is due to the fact that Reservoir Dogs played a massive part of how he made Pulp Fiction due to Pulp Fiction being his second film and Reservoir Dogs being the one he made before that. The reference comes from a Hong Kong film a better tomorrow. Where the the dress in the same cool slick style before they go and rob a bank. I feel that this is important reference to mention due to the fact that the look of Reservoir Dogs is so iconic in modern culture it is important to know what he was influence and how he came to the look of the final film, this can also be the same for Pulp Fiction due to the characters wearing the same sort of suit.


The Warriors, 1979, Directed by Walter Hill, Paramount Pictures

Pulp Fiction, 1994, Directed by Quentin Tarantino, Miramax films

8 1/2, 1963, Directed by Federico Fellini, Columba pictures

Psycho, 1960, Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, Paramount Pictures

A better tomorrow, 1986, Directed by John Woo, Cinema city and Films co.

Reservoir dogs, 1990, Directed by Quentin Tarantino, Miramax films


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