An Introduction to the East End London research

In this blog post I will be explaining what I am doing for the research for the last part of the Tarantino task. In this task I will be researching the topic of 1960s London in order to for Tarantino to use this information to enable him to produce a film. I have been placed in a group of four people so we can each cover different topics so we can get much information as possible. I am in a group with Max, Betsy and Nathan. We have each taken three topics to do detailed research so we can place them all in a powerpoint to present to the rest of the class. The topics I have been chosen to research is Entertainment, i.e actors  big at the time but also what clubs and bars the Krays owned. The second topic I will be doing is music, this means researching singers and bands that were big at the time that had influence on the culture at the time. The third and final thing I will be researching is that of the politics. What the political situation was at the time and also how this affected the Krays. Max will be researching Police, Language and Fashion. Betsy will be researching Female gangsters, Prison and family and up bringing. Nathan will be researching Crime, locations that could be used for the film and the portrayal in the media.


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