Remaking Barton Fink scene task – shooting

In this task we have been assigned we have been asked to work as a small film crew to recreate a scene from the film Barton Fink. Using lighting and proper camera equipment to get the shots right. Our team was Ethan, Tammy, Fin, Conor and Joe. We have since shot the short scene from using storyboards and the script at hand, and someone who saw the film (me) describing how it should be laid out. We also did multiple reshoots so we have a better improved film to work with. We are currently in the editing process of the short film and have not cut the final product. We are all each doing our own edits to the footage.


The problems we faced were with the lighting of the film and getting the proper lighting for the tone. We spent quite a while composing the first shot so that we would have the proper lighting and the proper arrange of the desk and the laptop. I think this task has me taught how to communicate with a group of people to shoot a short film using a high tech camera equipment with three point lighting. This has improved my skills of teamwork within the filming and making a short film from not an original idea.


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