1960s entertainment – a more focused research of cinemas in the 1960s

In this blog post I will be looking at a more focused research on what cinemas were like in the 1960s. I will also be talking about how they have changed and how many they were at the time in London in the 1960s so I can relate to the Krays with my research. This will blog post will be mean I have a quite generalised research having a board perceptive on the 1960s while also now having more focused research on what the cinemas were like in the 1960s and specially in London. This will tie into my entertainment work I will be doing. I have made a question for my research so I can make sure I am focused enough to gather the correct information.

What were cinemas like in the 1960s and how are they different from today?

Cinemas haven’t changed much from the 1960s, from the fact that people would still go to see films at the weekend and it was a regular thing. They wouldn’t dress up compared to the early 1900s where cinemas were relative new. You were also allowed to smoke in the cinema however this was stopped in the 1960s and was banned. The projectors in the 1960s run on 35mm and 75mm film and would have to change over the film half way though with different roles of film. However in the 1960s cinemas were going down in sales due to televisions becoming more popular in homes. Meaning people didn’t see the point of going out as much to the cinema.

There were also no multiplexes yet so cinemas would only have one or two screens at there cinema, they were also normally run down and didn’t make as money as they do today. People working there would also dress as ushers and were waistcoats, even though people who went to the cinema wore normal clothes. They also stopped showing B films in front the first feature. They used to do this in the 1920s.


The reason why I have done a more focused research on cinemas is due to the fact that if they were going to make a scene in a cinema, they need to make it accurate to the time period and have the design of the location correct and accurate.


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