Barton Fink – final cut evaluation


I have since finished my Barton Fink remake and exported my final cut. This blog post will be evaluating my final cut and seeing what I could improve on my work for future projects that I will be doing.

I feel that the footage that I shoot is good due to the fact that we stuck to the story board and copied the shots whilst still putting our own spin on the work by having the lighting much more darker and focus only on the character’s faces and the objects in shot e.g. the door and the desk. However some of shots of Conor talking wasn’t to high quality causing me to place jump cuts within the conversation, this isn’t a major deal but if I was to do it again I would take more time and have many attempts to get the shot right.

For the audio I feel that we did feel due to almost all of the audio that is in the film I got from sound effects online, I feel that I did well picking the right audio for the right place in time of the short film. However I feel that what I could improve on is that I feel some of the audio doesn’t sound like it is in the other room. If I had more time I would have got the audio into logic pro X and made the audio sound muffled.

Overall I feel that I have done a good edit of the short sequence, and the footage we shot working as team was effective and I feel that we worked and communicated well as group with using the lighting, the production design and operating the high tech camera with the tripod effectively to produce a short film makes sense continuity wise.


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