Reflection of my Research and presentation

In this blog post I will be talking about my research that I have conducted over these two weeks working on the 1960s with my group. I will talk about each section I researched and how well I did in researching them and getting the information needed to present. I have included my bibliography in all my blog posts.

The first topic I covered in my research was famous actors and actresses in the 1960s. I feel that this was important so that I could get a cultural perceptive on what was happening in the 1960s and what was happening with in that time period. The actors I covered were Paul Newman, Audrey Hepburn and Steve McQueen. I feel covered all of these quite well with giving facts on how well there films did at the box office and also a list of films that they are famous for. I also talked about how they had an impact on the industry and social at the time and still today in my presentation.

Second topic I covered in my research was that of famous bands and singers in the 1960s who were a big influence at the time. I covered the band rolling stones, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. The reason for covering these artists is because I feel that they have great variety and are all very different but at the same time all still had a massive to the sound of music in the 60s. I feel that I researched these with giving details about their career whilst also talking about there personal lives as well. Overall I feel that I had enough on music to talk about in the presentation.

The third and final topic I covered in my research was that of politics at the time and what was happening globally and nationally with politics at the time. I feel that I covered this well giving a board view of what was happening at the time talking about the Cold War, protesting and law changes in the UK. I feel that due to me giving a board range of things I was able to cover lots of topics and have varied information to talk about.

I used the primary research of interviewing for the thoughts on Pulp Fiction, I feel I did this effectively giving a wide range of options on the film. The secondary research was looking online for information on the 1960s pop culture such as music and film. I presented my research in the form of bullet points in a powerpoint. I feel that this was a good and easy way to show our work to the rest of the class.

Overall I feel that I have done good research on focusing more on social and culture of the 1960s. I feel that this gave our group a better edge due to covering topics that not many people covered before or presented. I also feel that I presented it well to the rest of class by having bullet points so I can read off the powerpoint and expand upon that idea whilst talking to the class.



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