This is me – primary research

I conducted a questionnaire asking my class mates questions about me and my project this is me. The reason I have done this is so I can have some primary research to use in my proposal and to also help me with ideas for this is me. I asked people what would they like to see in my short film this is me what they didn’t already know about me. This is the responses I got from doing my questionnaire.

Conor: Spare time
Ethan: House, bedroom
Finn: Aspect of film do I enjoy
Betsy: Music
Tammy: Fashion
Dan: Spare time
Max: Music

I feel that this good thing for me to do due to the fact that I have some more ideas from other people what things I can and include in my short film. I also feel that this good evidence of me taking the proper preparation before jumping into the filming and editing of my short film. I also feel this is good to include things that my class don’t know about me and will mean I will be doing something different and interesting. This is making sure that I am including things that people don’t already know about me and making it interesting for people to watch and different from other people’s.


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