Girl in the pool – evaluation

I have just finished my project on editing the sound to the video girl in the pool. This blog post will be me evaluating my project and seeing where I went well and what else I could do to improve my project moving forward. I used the sound clips from foley, logic pro X and downloaded mp3s off youtube.

I feel what worked well was the audio involving the rolling stones music and the underwater sound effects. I feel this worked well due to them sounding realistic and also sounded they were taken from the actual scene. I feel that the abstract sound effects that I added were also good due to the fact that they added tension to the scene and suspense which was missing from the scene.

However where I can improve is with the woman swimming making slashing sound effects. I feel that the foley I used with these shots don’t suit the video and don’t sound right taking the person out of the short film. I feel next time I will make sure to choose carefully next time what foley to use and take more time over what foley sound effects I will be using in the video.

The skills I learned from this task is how to make the audio recording sound like its underwater. I did this by playing around in the audio settings. Making sure that it sounded like it sounded different and underwater. I also then added an underwater sound effect as well so it added to the other sound effect. This made it so the music sounded like it was underwater when the camera and person went underwater. Keeping continuity with the short film.

In future projects I want to take more time with my audio and making sure that it is too high quality. I want to try and use logic pro X with my future short films for diegetic sound and replace the camera audio for these sound effects. This will add value to the short film making sound a lot better and to higher quality and professionalism.

Overall I feel that I did rather well on my sound project, considering the fact that the weakness of my work is sound. Next time I will make sure that I will take more time over picking the right foley for the right point in the video so it sounds right.


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