My proposal for this is me

Mind map of my initial ideas


The reason for me doing this is so that I can have this in my proposal and have some basic ideas of what I can do for my final short film. This will give me some guidance of what I could do for my short film. This also gives me many simplistic ideas that I can expand upon in later research and more development.

For my proposal I want to keep it more general due to the fact that I don’t have it one way and don’t have an answer yet for my idea and still have multiple in my head. This is why I am trying to keep this proposal more general and develop one idea more over Christmas and make that the idea I will use.

Primary research: What don’t you know about me?

I conducted a questionnaire asking my class mates’ questions about me and my project this is me. The reason I have done this is so I can have some primary research to use in my proposal and to also help me with ideas for this is me. I asked people what they would like to see in my short film this is me what they didn’t already know about me. This is the responses I got from doing my questionnaire.

Conor: Spare time
Ethan: House, bedroom
Finn: Aspect of film do I enjoy
Betsy: Music
Tammy: Fashion
Dan: Spare time
Max: Music

I feel that this good thing for me to do due to the fact that I have some more ideas from other people what things I can and include in my short film. I also feel that this good evidence of me taking the proper preparation before jumping into the filming and editing of my short film. I also feel this is good to include things that my class don’t know about me and will mean I will be doing something different and interesting. This is making sure that I am including things that people don’t already know about me and making it interesting for people to watch and different from other people’s.

Mood board of my interests


The actual proposal sheet

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 09.33.55.png



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