This is me- have decided which idea I am choosing (2nd proposal)

I have chosen to go with the idea of filming my interests in my life such as films and music. This is because I was struggling to come up with ideas for the cayman islands due to the fact that it wouldn’t have any of my creative input, I would just be taking footage from youtube and interviewing my parents. This wouldn’t stretch me creatively so I have decided to go with my interests so I can have more freedom and also challenge myself with creating my short film.

An idea which I had for this would have me recreate the music video subterranean homesick blues and have me holding up coloured cards. I would then colour key the cards out and replace them with some of my favourite films. I feel that this would be a good way to show what are some of my favourite films but also who is my favourite singer. It will also be a challenge to make sure that it looks good and doesn’t come off cheesy, it will also make me learn more about key framing and green screens. Giving me more experience with editing on premiere pro.


I also want to recreate the opening titles from the film Don’t look back, which is about Bob Dylan touring in the UK. I feel that this will be a creative way to open the film and will also relate back to my theme of interests due to the fact that it is a film about Bob Dylan. I also feel that this going to be different from usual titles due to the fact that it doesn’t have a black screen  with titles words on top.


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