Reshooting for this is me


This is my first attempt at filming the cards and colour keying out the colour. However this didn’t go to plan because of the fact that I was in the shadow and I was bending the cards. This resulted in the cards having two different colours meaning that I couldn’t fully remove the colour leaving half of it there.


The second reshoot did also didn’t go to plan, this was due to the opposite effect of it being  too white making the card white and removing the colour of my hands and my surroundings. I then learnt that I should have some light but not too much so that it also removes all of my surroundings.


The final one is the one I would like to use in my short film as the final edit. This is because the card isn’t bent meaning there is no shadow and there is also no light shining directly on it making it so that the card is the only colour.Meaning there is no other colour removed in the frame.


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