This is me – evaluation

In this blog post I will be talking about my final cut of this is me and how I should improve my work in the future. Overall I am quite pleased with the finished product and I think its one of the better short films I have done in college and including the ones I have done outside of the college before I came to east surrey.

I based my idea of the music video Subterranean Homesick Blues, I used a canon 600d and used footage from my favourite films. I also used editing techniques such colour key out a colour and using green screen, with having to keyframe the videos so that they would move with the card. I also had to record my voice in premiere pro. I experimented with different cuts in the film such as jump cuts and and fades within the film.

In terms of applying to the brief I think I have done quite well with making sure every fits within the parameters. Due to the fact that I have only included one piece of music, this being the Bob Dylan song Subterranean Homesick blues. I also include one voiceover of me  reading a quote with the quote being typed showed on screen. I had the interview of Bob Dylan, I feel this quite a creative way to include an interview so I am not just interviewing me or a family member. I used the title of this is me in lowercase and had no photographs so I didn’t go over 5 maximum limit. However the only two things I didn’t do were that of being the duration not being two minutes exactly and only text to be used is the title and your name as credit. The reason I didn’t do the 2 minutes exactly was that of the fact that I didn’t draw it out any longer because of the fact that it would of felt unnatural, however I could easily do this I need to. The reason I used one more text in form of a subtitle as that of it being it has hard to hear the question the interviewer was asking and would meant people won’t understand Bob Dylan’s reaction to the question.

One of the ways I could improve my work is by including the voice over in a better way. For this task I had to include a voiceover somewhere in my project. This meant that I had to place the audio in somewhere in the short film even though it didn’t fit with the rhythm or the flow of the short film. So I had to place a quote I liked at the beginning of short film and voice over it and read the quote. I feel like to improve this I should more planning beforehand so I know exactly what direction I am going in to make a good short film.

Another improvement I would make to the short film is to have the a better background making more interesting rather than just my back garden. The idea I would have would be maybe doing in front of a cinema with cars going by making more visually pleasing. I would also do a different background for when it zooms back out because I feel that would look pretty look having two different backgrounds and having them change seamlessly. The reason for me doing the filming in my back garden was because of the fact that I was running out of time and had to get the filming done as it was my third attempt at filming this one shot.

I feel like next time what I should do to improve on these two things to have a more structured planning and organisation so I know exactly what my idea so I can get on with shooting and editing leaving me enough time with everything so incase I do have to reshoot I have enough time to do so. Not like what I did with This is me leaving me a week to shoot and edit all my work, considering that as well I had to learn new techniques, from scratch, such as keyframing and colour keying.

One of the things I feel that I did well was the opening sequence where I put my shoes and get the blue, the reason I feel this worked is because of the fact that it was edited well with jump cuts and also with the actual background I feel worked well rather than it just being silence or some song over it. I feel that I included the rule of thirds well with having the titles of this is me next to the book American Psycho which is one my favourite pieces of literature. I feel that this also expressed some of my interests visually rather than just narrating over footage saying that I like Bob Dylan and American Psycho.

Another part of the short film I feel I did well was that of the greenscreen effects with the cards and the films. I feel this went well because of the fact that you could hardly see any of the blue on the actual cards. This was added due to the fact that the key framing worked well with the films moving with the cards quite seamlessly. Making it look like I was actually holding the films. I thought I also did some good editing with how it zoomed in on the interview so you could hear what Bob Dylan was saying and then for it to zoom back out for me to drop the card and walk off screen.

Not just the effects and editing that worked well but I feel did a good job in showing a creative way what films I liked due to the fact that I was holding up cards of my favourite films. Having the Bob Dylan music playing I thought would be a good idea of showing that he is one of my favourite singers this with the fact that the whole idea of the video is based off one of his music videos as well shows that his music has had a massive influence over me in my personal life and work. Having the Bob Dylan interview I feel was important due to the fact that I like his opinion on things and also his personality as a person. I feel that this was a good way to show my views on the media and fame in general, without just saying it to the camera.

The techniques I learnt in this project were that of colour keying out a colour so that I can place another video behind. Learning how to keyframe so I could move images and also zoom in on videos and also zoom back out into a full frame. Camera techniques were that I tried experimenting with shallow depths of fields so that it is focused on objects close to the camera but making the background out of focus. I feel that this quite a good effect and looks professional and less amateurish. This is definitely something I will be using in the future short films and future projects.

Overall I feel that this has been my hardest project so far but also the one I have worked the most with it also coming out as the best one I have done. I feel this project has taught me a lot in how to plan, edit and also shoot my films. This will give me experience and better techniques to use in the future so I can better myself to make better short films in the future when continuing this course.


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