This is me – reflection on the group crit

In this blog post I will be talking about how my short film this is me got received from the group crit of the three people who filled out the forms telling me about the short film.

The first person who gave me feedback was Lee. One the of the good things he liked was that of the quote at the beginning of the short film.This shows me that I shouldn’t be so critical of the narration giving me the confidence to actual do it again if I have to in one of my future projects. He also liked the green screen, this is pleasing as this is the thing I spent the most amount of time on and having come out as good means that my effort wasn’t wasted. The last thing he wrote was that the mixing of genres was a good idea meaning that I had a good variety of films being shown.

The areas of development he only had one and that was to have each film on different cards. This doesn’t make any sense because I did do you that so he possibly might not have seen the different cards for the films. He mentioned that he could use the Bob Dylan influence for his short film and also include the use of green screen.

The next person who gave me feedback on my work was Stephan, saying that the green screen was very good. This means that even on my first attempt I have done it to a high standard. This will give me more confidence in future projects when working with this stuff. He also liked the music and the use of the interview. This shows that I was doing well with being creative in how I show my interview and not just having a straight forward someone asking me questions. For areas of development he mentioned that I should maybe tidy up the green screen a bit however he mentioned that he was just being “piety,” with that comment. However I do agree with him that I could of made an improvement on the green screen effect because sometimes you could see the blue coming through the films, but I think I did quite well considering how it looked the first time.

The final person who gave feedback of my short film was Johnny. The good things he mentioned was the way I used the green screen and had the films on the cards. This shows that I correct to go in this direction and it was also worth it to do¬†several reshoots to get it right. He also liked the music choice, this evidence for me to use more Bob Dylan songs in future projects, as is it quite different different from everyone elses. For areas of development he didn’t mention anything. This is quite pleasing as it shows my short film was well received and he liked alot as he couldn’t find a fault in it.

Overall the feedback has been very positive, making me feel that I have done a good job with my work and that I should be proud of my this is me. This gives me some confidence that I should take more pride in my work and also not be so afraid to present my work to the rest of the class. It also tells me that I should take more risks as sometimes they pay off, for example with the green screen doing well and the keying framing working better than I would have expected.


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