Dr Strangelove questions and answers

1.What do the signs around the air base say?
Peace is our profession. This is satire as their has just been nuke missiles sent from that base and now fighting has started because of it on the actual base, providing a massive contrast wants its saying it does and what the base actually does.


2.What’s the effect of peter Sellers playing multiple roles in the film?

Stanley Kubrick wanted to give the perceptive that a German, American and British person who all wanted to stop communism but doing so bring the destruction of the world.


3. What does Kubrick seem to be saying about the original motivations for war?

That it was very lead by hawks and there were many people in high power and authority who wanted to go to war with the USSR, this can be displayed by multiply generals in the film. One being played by George C. Scott.


4. What effect is created by the music and speech given by the B52 pilot?

A satire as the pilot is giving a serious speech but as he is talking it is playing a very immature and childish song, giving the audience a very stark contrast. Maybe saying that the situation is being handled properly.


5. Would the film have a different impact on the audience if it were in colour?

I am not to sure why, but I feel it may because of the fact that it will make it look like one of news reels or warnings about the cold war, which used to play between TV shows during the period of the cold war. Giving it a more realistic feel that this could actually happen. The other reason and least likely reason was maybe due to budget problems, however this doesn’t seem likely as four earlier he made a film in colour.

6. How does Kubrick manage to make Strangelove a comedy and a thriller at the same time?

By having satire to contrast against the situation of total destruction.

7. There’s one minute 24 seconds long shot. Can you find it?

Yes its the shot of the lady talking on the phone and then passing it to George C. Scott’s character.


8. What does the movie tell us about the time it was created?

That it is a very dangerous place, due to the fact that war could break out any second with a hit of a button. Also countries having control of massive arsenal of nuclear weapons.

9. How can we relate of Dr. Strangelove to the global conflicts of today?

That we still have massive amounts of weapons in lots of different countries and still don’t entirely agree with russia and its politics. This could lead as many people are saying into a second cold war.

10. How symmetry has been used to enhance the visual experience?

I couldn’t really find any uses of symmetry, this was strange due to the fact that Stanley Kubrick using it alot in his films. Apart from some of the shots of Dr. Strangelove where he was up close and at the centre of the frame.

11. Take 1 screenshot and analyse it.


I like this shot because of the fact that it shows satire with the fact that the sign outside of the base is called peace is our profession while that based just ordered plan r which will result in total destruction. With the fact they are also fighting their own men as well adds a layer of irony to the shot and the whole film.

12. Take 1 screenshots and discuss what aspects you find interesting.


The reason I find this shot so interesting is because of the fact that font and how the words are matched together. With “DR” being the biggest letters and having the rest of the sentence cramped on to the side. I also like how the font is thin but at the same time stands out.

13. Your response?

This is the second time I have seen the film and I would say that I enjoyed the film much more on the second viewing. This is because I knew and what was going to happen and pay attention other things which I previously ignored on my first viewing.


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