day 1 and 2 of production of the ambitions documentary

Day 1 of the production


The first day of shooting was us shooting all the b roll and cut aways for the interviews. We did this first due to the fact that we were focusing more on this than the interview due to the fact that we were taking a more comedic approach to the short film and wanted to film this part first so we could get an idea of what to shoot for the interview and what extract questions to ask.

For the B roll we used one of the expensive cameras to show joe wanting to be a camera operator. We also used three point lighting to try and give a more professional look while also using the TV room to shot most of the B roll.


Day 2 of the production


Day 2 we filmed all four of our interviews, each in different locations. This was the easiest of the 2 days due to the fact that we knew what we were doing from the get go and we could get going as soon as we came in on Wednesday morning. This meant we plenty time for filming and also giving some time to get the best result from the interview without rushing it.


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