2001: a space odyssey

Task 1: How does your feeling of Hal change though the film?

At the beginning of the film Hal was very helpful with providing information on how the spaceship was being managed and what damage it was taking. This later changed into the feeling of being worried as the robot got something wrong in the first time of its history for that series, the film made this point by having the computer be interviewed by the press taking about how it hasn’t failed and with a 100% success rate. This then added tension to the film as Frank and David try to talk in the space pod about shutting down Hal, only to have Hal lip read what is being said. This then led to Hal being angry causing him to kill the people sleeping and later killing Frank. This made David dismantling Hal and shutting him down.

Task 2: What other films take a influence from 2001: a space odyssey









Star wars


Silent running


Tree of life


The film tree of life is not visually the same piece but in terms of taking about subject matter takes about the same themes of life and humanity. This shows that the tree of life is very inspired about what topic the films challenges you about how it does this visually.

Task 3: Take a screenshot and describe it


This shot uses the one point perceptive as the actor walks away from the camera while the camera follows from behind. This is also symmetrical due to the fact that the walls and same either side and follow the rule of one point perceptive. This give the illusion that the corridor is longer to exaggerate the point that he will take a long time to walk to dismantle Hal. This also adds tension to the whole scene and atmosphere to the scene, creating a certain tone.

Task 4

(most important at the top, least at the bottom)

5. A journey (or ‘Odyssey) of mankind towards self knowledge

3. The influence of extra – terrestrials on human evolution

1.. A visual experience

4. What could happen if machines are given too much power

2. An attempt to predict what life will be like in the year 2001


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