Secondary research locations for Stanley Kubrick short film



This is the first example of something that I want to use for my short film. This is an natural environment. I feel when using this environment I will be able to create a very good one point perceptive with the hedges and with the road going downwards towards the street. This is the road leading down to Monkswell lane and I will plan to shoot my test shoots on Thursday about the 2pm. For transport I will not any as I live on this street, for health safety I will need to able to watch my surroundings and be careful due to the fact that I could be shooting on the road. This could be used as an establishing shot for the short film to show the location. I will not have to dress the scene but I will have to make sure that the sun is out and it isn’t dark outside.


This is the seconden natural environment I will be visiting to shoot. This will be on the same road as the other natural environment one. I will do this shoot on the same day but maybe 10-20 later due to having to film the other locations.It will also have the same transport requirements as I will only need to walk. I will not need to dress the set at all and will probably shoot in any weather conditions.



This will be my architecture location, this is one of the houses on Monkswell lane. I will visit this location as the same time as the other due to them being at the same place. This is on the road as my house so I will just walk. Health and safety I will have to be careful for cars driving down the road. I will not have to dress the scene but I will have to make sure that the sun is out and it isn’t dark outside. I will be recording sounds so I will have to make sure that there isn’t any planes flying past that will disrupt the audio.


The second place I will be shooting will be inside my kitchen, because I have an idea of the film and a scene will be shot in there. I will have to make sure that the lighting is correct and that it isn’t too dark and that doesn’t have any shadows. I will probably have to dress the set to make it look cleaner that I previously didn’t have to do for the other sets locations.



For people I will a my hand down to my side but only have it focus on my hand and have the rest out of the focus with a shallow depth of field. I will do this in my kitchen and have requirements for dressing the set even though you won’t see it to well anyway.



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