Rough cut for the creative ambitions

For the creative ambitions I have done a rough cut of what the project was going to be. This will give me the an idea of what I should do to improve on my work. For this project we decided to make the interviews more comedic, making it different and original.

When looking back over my short film I feel that I have made good timing making 3 mins and 30 secs. This means that it is quite lengthy and not too short. For our camera angles I feel that we did quite well having very different shots for each interview whilst having different locations for each person we interviewed. I feel that this increased the production value of the project. I brought this technique over from my Vox Pop thinking it worked quite well, doing it again proves that it was a good idea. I also like the effect of having very shallow depth of field with the shot making the background out of focus and the foreground where the person is being interviewed in focus.

In terms of making the film a comedy I feel that it was good to try something out of my comfort zone however I feel that it doesn’t work quite how we planned it out, this might be due to the fact that we aren’t actors but also didn’t really plan into detail what exactly we were doing.

Overall I thought all of the B roll that wasn’t comedy was good and the interviews, how they were shot, were very professional I feel I should do another edit making it more serious and see how this compares with the other more comedic work.


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