The shining opening scene

The film opens with a yellow car driving on a long stretch of a lonely road, with it being the only car on the road. Shot over head with helicopter shots and crane shots. There are a total of 8 shots in a time period of 3 minutes. All of these shots show a massive amount of space around the car with nothing but expanse around the car. This gives the effect of emptiness and isolation which sets the tone and the theme for the rest of the film to follow. It uses a one point perceptive with the car as it is going down the road, while the car is following and tracking.

The music gives the feeling that the film is going to be dark in its tone and atmosphere. This contrasts with the fact that the imagery is very peaceful due to very calm and peaceful scenery. This makes for a weird disconnect between the music and the footage within the frame. The size of the car makes the scenery seem much more expansive due to the fact that the car is small anyway added with the fact that the camera is far away.

In this scene he used a yellow this could be possibly to make it stand out more against the green background. Or it could be due to the fact that he wants to create contrast between the colour and the horror elements of the film and the beginning. This is because the colour yellow represents happiness. Something that is not represented in the opening or the rest of the film. The colour of the titles is a light blue, this could be because of the fact that if you invert the colour of the titles it is the same colour as the orange titled carpet in the scene where the boy is playing with toys.



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