Finished film of locations for Stanley Kubrick project, evaluation

This is the finished film containing all the possible locations that I could use for the project of SK. I filmed in 6 possible locations that I could use. Two were involving architecture, two natural environments, one person and one containing a natural environment but with a person in the middle of the frame.

The first shot of my short film is a one point perceptive shot of my kitchen leading into my bathroom. With the two doors open. I really like this shot due to the fact that it has some symmetry with the door and the two kitchen tables either side. My favourite part is that it has depth to the shot due to the fact that  it shooting though a door way. This makes it more interesting and appealing to look at. screen-shot-2017-02-27-at-09-48-07

The second shot for the locations was of my hand. I thought this was good because it was a creative way to show the symmetry and also slightly one perceptive with the shot. This covered people for the locations. However I feel this came be improved with either something in my hand or something more interesting in the background out of focus.


The third shot is of a natural environment, I tried to make symmetry of the field. However due to this being on a slope I had to hold the tripod up so it hasn’t tiled however it still looks tiled slightly, so I probably won’t use this in my short film and if I do I will change the camera angle and camera placement.


The fourth shot for my location short film is me in a archway of trees with me at the centre  of the frame. This is by far my favourite shot out of the 6 I have done for this short film of locations. This is because of the fact that it has the most symmetry within the shot and also has a good subject of someone standing in the middle. This is also good because it very easily fit into many storylines of the short film.


This is the least favourite of the shots, due to the fact that it isn’t that symmetry and not that interesting. However it has great due to the fact that it has one point perceptive and also has the potential to have more creative impact and being interesting.


The final shot for my locations scouting was my house. I feel that this has good potential to have symmetry however it doesn’t show due to the fact that it was on a slope and I had to hold the tripod one side a bit to try get it level. Unfortunately it doesn’t show too much due to being on a slope. I feel this shot would be good for a establishing shot for the being of my short film in it were to take place in my house.

I think this will be helpful to decide what locations to use and also what storyline I should choose for the short film. This will be good to refer back to when I am having creative block difficulty coming up for ideas for the Stanley Kubrick project.


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