Reflection on planning so far with the youtube project

So far our group has started planning for the youtube project and preparing for the proposal. We our doing this by creating a massive landscape poster with pictures of our locations and how we going to film it.


This will help us with presenting our idea in the pitch, it will also be a creative way of showing where we are filming without just showing pictures.


This will be time consuming as we will need to work quickly to get the plan finished so we can get on with the filming the actual locations of the short films. We are also showing the maps of each of the floors so we can point to each of the rooms, helping with the links and filming of the virtual tour.


So far I feel we are ahead of our schedule and we also have a good idea for the project with a good idea of what to do for the proposal. I feel that this is a good start to have on a project, this gives me a good feeling when moving on with the project.


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