Stanley Kubrick archive trip – UAL

On tuesday we went to UAL in london to look at the Stanley Kubrick archive. This is where most of Stanley Kubrick’s things were gathered after he died, thousands of boxes of research material and props that he used for his films.


They showed just a some collection of some of items from some of his films, including: Dr.Strangelove set photos, Loitta screenplay changes before filming had started. Props from the Shining, Clockwork Orange and eyes wide shut.


The things I found most interesting was the behind scenes research and photos. This was due to the fact that I found it interesting how much time and effort he put into just for researching the smallest things for example the clothes and even a door in just one scene for the film eyes wide shut. This teaches how much we have to pay attention to the smallest detail in our short films and also the importance of planning.


Overall I enjoyed our time with the Stanley Archive however I felt disappointed at the fact that we couldn’t see more due to the fact that there are thousands of items. I would of like to see more things like the script changes, due to the fact that it gives a more bit of insight into how films are made.



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