Tate modern trip

After visiting UAL we went to Tate Modern, this was good because of the fact that we got to see lots of different styles of self expression in an abstract way.


When looking around the tate I saw a couple paintings that I liked, the first one was a Colombian flag but with the Colombian word printed on in a coca cola white font against the red. The reason I like this a lot is because of the fact that it tells alot just from a very simple idea. It talks about US imperialism and American as well.

Another piece of artwork I admire would the Photo Booth. This talks the theme of segregation and racism as it places 100 of photographs of black americans in the 1940s. I find this interesting as it is talking about the Jims crows laws and so many others themes from just having a 100 photos. I feel this portrays a very strong message in a very simple way.



Overall I really liked going around the Tate and I feel I should go there again. I also feel this will help me with my work in the future as well, providing a good source of information and inspiration.



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