Tour of east surrey college – location scouting

Today we had a tour of East Surrey college to look for a source of inspiration for what I could use as locations in my short film. We looked around south side and the other blocks that we wouldn’t really work in.

This is a really good corridor for the south side building. This could be used if I was to have to shoot the film in a scummy location. Because of the colour of the walls and the doors being scratched up, with the paint tearing off. I feel that this would be also really good for one point perceptive.


This staircase would be cool to use because of the red banisters and the black stairs. This gives the effect that it is in another time period like the 80s or 90s, and gives a more of a weird and stranger feel.


This is another good one point perceptive corridor that I could use. I really like the white walls.

Overall this was a good experience and I feel this tour gave me a few ideas that I could use for my short film, even though I may end up not using these locations.



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