An idea for the Stanley Kubrick project

For the Stanley Kubrick short film I have an idea of what I could do for the short film, I was thinking of taking heavy inspiration from the eyes wide shut ritual scene. I will NOT be including the nudity from this scene but I will be dressing people in long black cloaks and having them wear mask to cover their identity. I will also be having the same music from the film. I will have five people most likely performing some kind of ritual.

The reason I will be choosing this scene to mimic is because of the fact that of how weird and strange it is. I feel that it will take me out of my comfort zone because most of the time I will be quite serious with film making and never do anything with a slight humour.

I will have to get masks to copy the style, I will be looking on amazon and I have asked people from college to bring masks and cloaks so I could have a look at them tomorrow to see if they would fit with my standard and would work for my short film idea. If I can’t borrow them I will have to buy them which will cost a lot.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 11.11.03

I will be playing Tom cruise’s character not knowing too sure what to do, I feel that this would be interesting as the viewer would be seeing his reaction to everything that is happening.

The location I will most likely use will be the TV studio due to the fact that it seems very isolated and I can use the table as a centre piece and also the lights to make it very creepy. It also very easy to get all the actors together due to the fact that it is located in college and the actors I will be using are all in college.

I will be trying to use symmetry with this short film. An idea I have will be having something in the centre of the frame on the table and having people moving around the table synchronised. I will be also trying to place doors ways and people in the centre of the frame to create symmetry.

Moving forward I am going to create a script and a storyboard so I know exactly what to do and I can be prepared for when I have to film the scenes. Overall I feel this is a good idea and will be interesting to do because no one else would be most likely doing this.



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