Day 1 and day 2 production/filming of Kubrick short film

Day 1 of production

The first day of filming my short film was filming the main sequence (the dream sequence.) To help me film and star in the film was Joe, Jack, Ethan and Conor. I also used Conor’s camera for the shoot, due to the fact that it is quite high quality and has a shallow depth of field which I like.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 14.23.03

This shoot took us about three hours over the course of 2 lessons. We filmed in the TV studio for all that time. For the shoot I used the lighting system in the TV studio so that I could get the correct feel for the short film. This is one of the reasons why I choose this location. For the shoot I got the actors to wear tights over there heads so that you won’t be able to see their eyes. I wanted this effect to make it more creepy for the viewer not being able to see if they are human. This then contrasted with the fact that you could see my eyes. Due to the fact they were wearing tights we had to take short breaks so that they wouldn’t get too hot.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 14.22.43

For some of the shots you can see someone’s shoes, however this can be easily edited out. I should of got the actors to wear black socks or even have them all in bare feet. This isn’t a major deal however due to the fact that I edit this part out.

Overall I feel that the day of filming went well as I managed to film all the stuff I planned to and I also got lots of takes and different camera angles to pick from. This will give me alot of choice in the editing process.

Day 2 of production

For the day 2 of production we had a much smaller team. This was due to the fact that I was the only person staring in it and we it wasn’t as complex as the first day of filming. For day 2 me and Conor filmed the first scene where I come into the TV studio late. This went however I feel I shoot some more due to the fact that we can’t really see my face so this might confuse the viewer when I wake up from the dream.

The second scene is was the scene where I woke up from the dream. We filmed this in the classroom, I feel this went well due to the fact that we got the atmosphere of people working at their desk which is what I wanted. However I feel the last shot may be a bit shaky due to not having a stabilizer. However overall I feel that day 2 also went well and I feel we did it quite efficiently within the time frame of only one lesson.




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