Evaluation of the rough cut

This is a rough cut for my short film. I feel so far the footage I have got is good, this will be me evaluating my editing and what I could change before I upload in the VLE. I feel that I should add more to the beginning of the short film, this will require to film more. This is because of the fact that it goes quite quickly and the audience isn’t too sure what is going on. For the main sequence I feel that I should a different shoot which isn’t out of focus due to the fact that some of the shots have are out of focus. For the final scene there is some audio which doesn’t go well together due to the fact it jumps from different camera angles. This means that I will have to blend the audio so isn’t so obvious. For the credits I will have to change one of the actors names due to the fact that I spelt it wrong. Overall I feel I thought as a rough cut it worked quite well. Now I will have to reshoot the first scene with some additional shots so the audience can process whats happening.


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