Colour correction – Stanley Kubrick short film

For this short film I decided to use colour correction for my short film. This was because of the lighting was different in some of the shots. Making it distracting and also losing continuity. I also made it so that it is more dark making it more creepier and weirder. Due to the fact that it is harder to see the black curtains in the background now, thanks to the colour correction. I also made it so the lighting was always of the same colour. Here is an example of before and after editing some of the shots in the short film.


As you can see the difference is small but I feel it makes a massive difference in the long term for tone aspect and a continuity aspect as well for the lighting being different in different areas of the location. I will make sure to use this in more short films in the future and including the fmp due to the fact that it makes it look a lot more professional and cinematic.



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